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In the year 2000 cheese making began at Cobb Hill, an intentional cohousing community in Hartland, Vermont. Cobb Hill Cheese produces 2 types of farmstead artisan cheese in small batches. Our cheese makers follow the age-old process of heating milk, adding lactic bacteria and vegetable rennet, hand stirring the curd, hooping and pressing.

Cheese Makers

cheese2Sophie Starr

Grew up in Berkeley California where she owned a landscaping business for 20 years. After her 2 boys were born she moved with her family to Cobb Hill Cohousing in Hartland Vermont. Sophie joined the cheese making team in 2001." Knowing the cows at Cobb Hill where our milk comes from to make this wonderful cheese has been a great way to feel connected to land she calls home."

Bonnie Hills

Was born and raised in Vermont. She is married with two grown children and 3 grandchildren. She moved to Cobb Hill to practice sustainable living that includes farming. She was a dental hygienist for many years. In September of 2010 she became interested in farmstead cheese making. Bonnie says, "the art of cheese making is a craft that will take many years to truly understand and perfect." She looks forward to the journey.

Jeannine Kilbride

Lived in NH. until moving to Cobb Hill in 2007. Became interested in making cheese in 2008. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts. Cheese making has been a natural transition from being a chef. "It gives me great pleasure to hear from our patrons that they love our cheese."




In 2005, Ascutney Mountain won first place in the Farmstead Cow Milk category at the American Cheese Society Competition.

In 2006, Ascutney Mountain placed third in the Farmstead Cheese Aged Longer than 90 days category in the American Cheese Society Competition.
In 2008, Ascutney Mountain won the Best of Show at the Big E (Eastern States Exposition) Gold Cheese Competition.

In 2009, our cheese won the Best of Show at the North American Jersey Cheese Competition.

2010 won Best in Show at the Big E competition.
We take great pride in this recognition of the quality of our cheese.


cobb-hill-5Cobb Hill is an intentional cohousing community comprised of people learning to live lightly on the earth and building community among ourselves and with our Hartland neighbors. The intention of sustainability underlies the living, farming, land stewardship, learning and teaching activities across all components of the community. We bought the 260 acre farm and forest in 1997. By 2002 we completed construction of 23 homes.

Cobb Hill Cheese and Cedar Mountain Farm, with a vegetable CSA and Jersey cow dairy, are just two enterprises that have emerged as the opportunity to create a sustainable land based community evolves. Other enterprises include maple sugaring, sheep, pigs, eggs, beekeeping and more. 

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